7. Eat Before Bed (Fats & Carbs)

You may have heard the opposite of this for most of your life, as have I. But in early adulthood I discovered that saving a portion of my daily caloric intake for the very end of my day helped me to fall and to stay asleep while stifling any immediate hunger upon awakening. Some studies have indicated that a healthy snack right before bed can be helpful, while others have stated otherwise. Like everything in life, there are many sides to the story. Nevertheless, we do know that the body is still very much at work on itself while we are asleep. Personally, I find a healthy combination of fat and simple carbohydrates to be suitable for inducing sleep, fueling the body’s subconscious restorations, and stimulating growth.

Honestly, it’s not always such a small snack since there are times when I feel a need to increase my body fat percentage. There are also nights that I will go without snacking between dinner and bedtime. The nights I generally like to provide a little extra fuel to burn while sleeping are when I am recovering from a workout or recuperating from any sickness/injuries. The things I avoid consuming directly before bed are proteins and caffeine. I also keep the portions relative to my daily macro/micro-nutritional and caloric needs.

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